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14 Favorite Things to Buy From Dollar Tree – Budget Shopping Tips

Purchasing name brand items can be so overrated. When you’re on a budget, you tend to find more innovative ways to make your finances work. Sometimes that includes going to the “Dollar Store” , 99c Store or more specifically, Dollar Tree. At first, I was skeptical figuring the things in the Dollar store can’t possibly be of much use or if so, not for very long. However, I was surprised. There’s no easier way to satisfy a need than when you really have one. In this case, my need was budget shopping tips.

Here are my 14 favorite things to buy from Dollar Tree:

1. Exfoliating Bath Gloves

Bath Gloves

Exfoliating bath gloves can be found at other higher end stores like Target or Walmart for upwards of $3.99.

You can get the same experience from the bath gloves at Dollar Tree for only $1 plus tax. If you’re changing these gloves every few weeks or so, you will be looking at a significant savings over the period of 52 weeks.

2. Extension Cords

If you’re looking for a simple extension cord in your home for basic items like lamps, fans etc, it would make more sense to spend $1 on a 6′ extension cord. It will do the same job as a 9′ foot extension cord found at Target ranging anywhere from $2.99 upwards. I don’t know about you but I’m probably a bit rough when I’m blow drying my hair and the power cord always wiggles its way out of the outlet. $1 extension cord solves that for me, instantly.

3. Pregnancy Tests

These can be found at department stores for prices upwards of $10.00. You’ll find the generic brand for $1.00 plus tax at Dollar Tree. These tests are just as good and provide same accurate results, for the most part. Even if you search blogs or YouTube videos online, you will find many people who will testify to their accuracy. A similar test proved my bouncing baby boy many years ago! Sometimes, you really have to subscribe to the notion of “Don’t believe the hype!”.

4. Tupperware

If you’re planning to organize your fruits and veggies, the cheapest way to gather new Tupperware is from Dollar Tree. While they have a range to choose from, you will also find Rubbermaid brand which is an excellent choice. And, if you’re looking for something fairly durable but that you don’t mind losing, there are options for some more generic brands also.

5. Wash Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

$1.00 will get you a set of two or three microfiber dish clothes which work really well.

The quality of the cloths are so good and you don’t think twice when it’s time to change them since their cost is simply $1!

6. Reading Glasses

Prescription glasses were quite a bit out of my price range recently. When I found myself squinting and creating a sharp line in the middle of my brow from doing so, I knew I had to find a solution. There are so many different styles and grades to choose from. The good part is, until you can get better glasses, you don’t mind if you end up losing or trampling over these because they only cost a dollar.

7. Flip FLops

Flip flops
Dollar Tree Flip Flops

If you like to keep it simple or your budget is tight, especially for children who outgrow their shoes within months, this might be something to consider.

There are usually a wide variety to choose from and works good either as a hold over until you can get what you really want or until your child outgrows the shoes he or she is wearing now.

8. Gift Bags & Paper

Most gift bags are tossed aside or reused. You’re basically tossing away $5.00 to $10.00 each time you give a gift and purchase your gift bag from a department store. At Dollar Tree, there are various sizes, colors and styles to choose from, including the paper to go inside the bag to give it a little more pizzazz. Please think about it before you wrap and waste!

9. Dental Flossers

While I’ve always bought flossers from Dollar Tree, I recently discovered the Plackers Right Angle pack. It has a fold way protected pick which gives you even more leverage to clean your teeth and the floss is laced with mint so your teeth get a sense of freshness while you clean.

10. Hair Bands + Berets

$1 each gives you a wide variety of hair pins, holders and clips. Once again, comparing them to department store prices and at the rate these things tend to disappear, it’s definitely a more sound decision to go the Dollar Tree way.

11. Awesome Cleaning Spray

I was first introduced to Awesome Spray cleaner when I bought my first used stove and refrigerator. They both came with a few dents and loads of dirt. My cousin told me the best bet was Awesome Spray. It’s very strong in terms of fumes so please keep that in mind when you use it, especially if you are going to use it indoors.

The good news is though, that as strong as the smell is, it is even more potent and you will be amazed. It truly is “Awesome” Spray.

12. Socks

I love socks from Dollar Tree. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from and I’ve yet to be disappointed in a chosen pair. As I write this, however, I wonder if I just haven’t experienced a higher quality sock so I simply don’t know better.

13. Hand Soap

You can’t go wrong with the hand soap here, unless of course, there happens to be a great sale happening somewhere else, like those awesome sales from Bath & Body Works! In the mean time though, $1 for a bottle of hand soap is definitely not a bad investment especially if you have kids, a large family or always entertaining people at your house.

14. Clip-On Flashlight for Reading Or…

Dollar Tree Flashlights
Dollar Tree Flashlights

$1 gets you a handy little flashlight, complete with batteries. This is perfect if you want to read late at night without a lamp on. The clip on feature is perfect for almost any object – a phone, a book, some papers, a clipboard… pretty versatile.

I’m sure as time goes by, my list will have increased. I feel like every time I go to Dollar Tree, I discover something new.

Please let me know if you have a favourite item from the dollar store that’s not listed here! I’d love to try it.

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