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5 Meditation Myths That Need To Be Immediately Debunked

The practice of meditation is very personal and unique even though the end result is provides the same benefits.

5 Meditation Myths That Need To Be Immediately Debunked

The word meditation can sound so intimidating to some people but it’s likely because they have the wrong idea about what it means to meditate. If you ever wanted to start to meditation practice but didn’t know where to begin, let’s first get some of the major misconceptions out of the way. These 5 meditation myths need to be immediately debunked so that you can learn how to begin your meditation practice.

Once you can get past these common false ideas about what having a solid meditation practice is like, you might find yourself more open to starting a daily meditation that could potentially shift your entire life.

Let’s debunk these common meditation myths so that your practice could begin.

woman meditating in nature
Meditating In Nature is Perfect Bliss

1. You have to sit in a lotus position

You do not have to sit in a lotus position. It may be one of the most common ways to position your body but it is not the only way. Some people are better off sitting on a chair, laying on the floor, sitting in their car…

What is of most importance is that you are comfortable, that your spine is as straight and as aligned as it could possibly be in whatever way you choose to position yourself.

2. You have to be still to meditate properly

You can meditate while walking, hiking, painting… even cleaning. It just means that you’ll focus on your environment or your art, for example. You will become completely present with whatever you’re doing.

So if you go for a walk or a hike, the focus will be your feet touching the ground, the flowers, sounds, animals etc. The purpose will be to keep coming back to the present moment. 

By quieting your mind and becoming present, you will make space for what I like to call downloads (information from The Divine2

3. You have to stop your thoughts

Your thoughts are inevitable… they will be rolling in and out the same way that the waves crash on the ocean’s shore.

Your purpose is to shift your attention from your thoughts to your breath or your present moment. You have to become somewhat of an observer of your thoughts. 

Just let them come and go … you may even find yourself completely lost in the ramblings of your mind. As soon as you catch yourself doing that, just return to your breath.

This will take some practice and before you know it, you’ll become more attuned to when you’ve lost connection to your breath and you’ll be able to return to your breath much more quickly.

4. You have to meditate for long periods of time

If you can manage to meditate 10 minutes a day, you will have come a long way with your practice in no time at all. Many have this idea that meditation requires long periods of time making weird noises or staring into nothingness. 

Meditation is actually a very personal practice and the only thing that you’re aiming to do is to focus on your breath and find your connection to nothingness. This connection to “nothingness” will align you with your connection to The Divine. You will know it when you arrive. Believe me.

5. You have to believe in God to meditate

You don’t have to believe in God or religion to practice meditation. It does require being open however. If you don’t believe in God, at the very least, believe that there’s something greater than your eyes can see or your hands can touch. 

I mean, c’mon… if you only just stare at a simple flower or even into your own eyes, surely you can acknowledge that there’s a grand Creator – your breath alone is a miracle.

There’s a force far greater than your eyes could possibly see or your hands could possibly touch.

As you continue your journey with meditation, your eyes and heart will inevitably open and you will eventually come to your own understanding of what it means to be here, your purpose, your role and your connection to The Divine.

“Your breath alone is a miracle.”

woman practicing meditation
Meditation Connects You To Your Breath

Just begin where you are

All that being said, if you are still feeling skeptical of meditation and its benefits, I urge you to start with even five minutes a day. Many wonder where or how to begin. You can set a timer for 5 minutes, choose how you’ll meditate and begin to follow your breath. If you choose to go for a walk, set the timer for 5 minutes and focus on your environment for 5 minutes. 

Check out 5 Simple Steps to Meditating on Nourish Me Sweetly YouTube or click here if you rather read than watch a video.

Meditations will train your body to yearn for that quiet place within. Over time, it will become your peace and you’ll learn that you don’t have to sit to “THINK” about answers or solutions. They will find you when you take a moment to quiet yourself. 

Just give a whirl… even five minutes a day to start will help. 

Happy Meditating! 


curly hair woman smelling roses
One Single Flower Could Convince You That There Is A Great Creator