Nourish Me Sweetly

Ever looked around and felt like your life was not your own?

The mission of Nourish Me Sweetly is to encourage you on your path to self love, self care and authenticity. Mind, Body and Soul.

Originally from Belize, I was born to a Scottish father and a Belizean mother. My name is Jeannie Shaw. Growing up in the Caribbean gave my life lots of color and diversity, all of which brought me to who I am today.

Life is filled with highs and lows. Dad once wrote a poem to me about honoring the peaks and valleys of it all. Some of my valleys called me to seek, embrace and immerse myself in light. I yearned to be around people, places, things and events that make me feel alive.

One night, as I was finishing errands, I had a clear vision of myself writing and the words Nourish Me Sweetly followed. That’s all I wanted, to be sweetly nourished – and here we are.

Nourish Me Sweetly is a platform to share experiences through blog posts, poetry and videos in hopes that they will touch hearts and raise vibrations. These will all culminate into a book one day and I’d so love for you to be a part of this journey with me.

As much as I love to share what I learn, I don’t always practice what I preach. So, trust me, it takes a lot of courage to share when you know you’re still a work in progress on just about everything you share.

“Public declaration is the highest form of visioning. Begin the living of it by declaring it publicly. The first step of making it so is saying “It is so!”
– Neale Donald Walsch.”

There’s an old saying, “A teacher teaches best what he must learn.” That’s me. Some days I’m an A+ and some days I couldn’t even make it to class. And that’s ok. 

Join me on my quest to love more deeply and nourish myself and others more sweetly. And may it all align with the great I AM, The Divine – My Lord… My God, My King… My Source for Everything.