Nourish Me Sweetly

Didn't Wanna Wake You

Come paint with me
Words I’d never heard before…
A simple and brief connection
After asking for his instagram name
OK. Sure.
Nah, I trust vibes
I always have
Which doesn’t explain why I did that thing all those years ago
My heart knew it wasn’t right
But back to last night…

Paint we did
We talked.
We laughed.
I asked a thousand questions
It’s what I always do
He smoked in between
Then on to sketching a different piece
And back to painting with me

We switched positions
From the edge of the end of the beds
To the floor
Back to beds
Then the same bed for more
Get your mind out the gutter
We never left the shore…

The only strokes were from the brushes in our hands
It’s an artist thing – maybe you can’t understand

And he fell asleep

But sleep wouldn’t make friends with me
So I decided I would leave

I got up and packed my brushes
And my paints
Glanced up to see him sleeping
WOW… he’s beautiful. Damn.

Packed my palette and my canvas
Emptied my water
Wrote a note on paper towel lightly dabbed with acrylic residue
“Didn’t wanna wake you…”
Last night was so nice
I’d never had a night like this
Painting with the stranger I know…