Expressions…Poetry About Courage & Faith and The Imposter Within

Expressions... Poetry About Faith & Courage

Keep your eyes on the prize
I hear that’s what it takes 

By Analee Nal Lucke


One foot in front of the other
They say it’s that easy
Keep your eyes on the prize
I hear that’s what it takes 
To have it all.

Have faith and work hard 
Motivates the counselor’s poster
While my mentor plagiarizes that hard work 
Altering the fate my hands kneaded
And the girl from the hills
Urges me to have my parents pay the tuition
As I study between shifts.

Throwing caution to the wind would be tempting if
My security blanket staked my weight. 
I too might fly if crested wings
Unfurled with my plans.

I must be cracked
Because I thought I ticked all the boxes
With a smile.
But my superior wasn’t having
My uptight responses.

If I lacked courage
Would I still be standing?
Believing in myself 
Is an ongoing dare
When the imposter lies within

– Analee Nal Lucke

(Featured Image by Olga)


Photo by Jasmin Chew

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