Nourish Me Sweetly

Five of My Favorite Swimsuits and Why I Chose Them

I just know my angles, and if I have a good hair or skin day and find good lighting, issa photoshoot baby!


Issa Photoshoot Baby

Among the many women I know and am close to… AND THERE ARE MANY, I’d have to say I’m likely the most self-critical. If you follow my Insta, with all the million selfies I take, you might be surprised to learn this. I just know my angles, and if I have a good hair or skin day and find good lighting, issa photoshoot baby!

Truth is though that I can be my toughest critic and that trait shows up big, strong and bold when I’m shopping for swimsuits. It’s tough! As I prepped for my trip home and longed for the blissful essence of Caye Caulker, Belize, swimsuits were on my mind. Thankfully, I have consistently found my saving grace at Target. 

Here’s a bit more about finding my five favorite swimsuits and why I chose them.

First let me add that Target has become my ‘Go To’.

1. Wide Variety
– from one piece to two piece and everything in between, in varying styles, shapes and colors. 
– you can even choose from long sleeved swimsuits (both one and two piece)

2. Quality 
– every swimsuit I’ve seen at Target so far has been of high quality – well made.

3. Return Options 
– just in case you change your mind, something does’t fit right or it’s just not the right day (hormonal PMS stuff). As long as you keep the tags on, keep the hygiene liner and return within their allowed dates, you can take it back with ease.

4. Changing Rooms
large, well lit and well-mirrored. You can see yourself from every angle and this is something you definitely want to explore when it’s swimsuit shopping time.

5. Cost of Goods Sold
– the cost of swimsuits are fairly reasonable
– I’ve even seen swimsuits for $3 on the sales rack


I just know my angles, and if I have a good hair or skin day and find good lighting, issa photoshoot baby!

Model Jennifer Enujiugha from Nigeria

It’s a Swimsuit, Not a Budget

No matter our shape or size, there’s always a fit for us. There’s something that makes us feel feminine and sexy. As women, we generally want to feel captivating and alluring. 

When shopping for any kind of apparel, the key is to focus on the parts of your body that you feel most confident about. If you pay closer attention to your outfits, you might find that even a tshirt were shorter or longer it could completely change the way your shape is complimented. Start paying attention to what sleeves work best, what style of jeans work best. It’s all about how shapes compliment each other – by this I mean your shape and the shape of your clothing.

Enhance the assets and let the shopping begin!

The most important thing is that no matter what tips anyone gives you, what you read or see, what really matters is that it makes YOU FEEL GOOD. It should boost your confidence, make you feel pretty and you should love it. 

Don’t wing it. Don’t try to “make it work”. It’s a swimsuit. Not a budget. You should feel beautiful in it. It should carry that “Nourish Me Sweetly!” modality.


“Don’t wing it. Don’t try to “make it work”. It’s a swimsuit. Not a budget.”

Swimsuit Beauty, Dalila Dalprat

Key Notes

As I searched and paid close attention to what felt right for my shape, insecurities and assets, I learned a few key notes during my swimsuit shopping.

1. Print Can Be Your Best Ally 

– Any kind of print material is very forgiving.
– Print is often one of the best ways to hide flaws.
It’s harder for the eye to see any humps and bumps with print. I particularly favor leopard print.

2. Cut Outs Create Illusion

– Having a cut out portion of the suit helps with creating a different visual. You’d have to measure the cut out in relation to the parts of your body you want to hide or show off.
The cut out should add value to your body shape. 
– Wherever you buy your swimsuit, consider cut out styles or what are called ‘monokini’. You may think you can’t wear one, but depending on the cut, it could actually create a way more slimming effect than you would imagine. They can help to create the right illusion IF you choose one that compliments the right part of your body. 

3. Halter Top Haven

Well-designed halter tops will help with boosting your girls. If you feel you need underwire still, go for it.
– Halter tops can enhance your girls as well as show off shoulders and arms in a way that could compliment your whole look.
– You’ll also want to
try halter tops that have an extra layer just under the breast area. This creates a slimming effect as well as support for bust area.

That in mind, let’s review the different body types. Knowing your shape can help you determine how to find the best swimsuit for your body.

Body Types

There are generally four body types.

1. Pear Shape
Hips are noticeably wider than waist and bust.
– Ruffle or bandeau tops will make the bust seem wider and create an illusion that there’s more balance in the body.

2. Apple Shape 
Wider waist than hips, almost same width as bust.
– To hide your waist, use a one piece suit
– Use solid dark color in the waist area
– To minimize bust, use a straight cut top or wide band

3. Hourglass Shape
Hips and bust are about the same size and waist is smaller.
– Most swimsuits work with this shape BUT you can have this shape and still have back fat or pudgy tummy or some other issue
– Pleats in the bottom portion can create a more shapely butt
– Cut outs help to balance out the problem areas if needed
– Strings in the back can set an open back just where you need it

4. Straight
– There is no significant difference between up and lower body.
– Use underwire bras to create a better illusion of more boobs if needed
– Use high cut bottoms to create longer legs, smaller waist creating the illusion of more shape. 
– Use bottoms with frills if you want to create a more shapely hips.


“It should carry that “Nourish Me Sweetly!” modality.”

Five Swimsuits I Absolutely Loved

Considering the different body shapes and the design elements that compliment them, here are five of my favorite swimsuits and why I chose them.

Green Strappy Sides Suit
Shade and Shore Brand
This green one pictured above from Shade and Shore at Target, complimented the bust area and gave me more shape. 

The cut out and straps on the side created a slimming effect. I have a few very light stretch marks in the hip area so it shows enough skin to feel sexy yet doesn’t allow the eye to focus on marks on my skin. 


Kona Sol Brand at Target

Red Full Body Single Shoulder Strap Suit
Shade and Shore Brand, Target
This swimsuit has three cut outs on the left tummy nearing the side. Again, was
showing enough skin that made it feel sexy and the cut outs give the illusion of a flatter tummy than I actually have.

The off shoulder also showed off my arms in a way I was comfortable with and the one strap gave enough support to the girls that was needed.

Shade & Shore Brand from Target
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Green Halter Top with Back Cut Out
Kona Sol Brand, Target
The full green open back pictured below was the perfect open back suit. I’m self-conscious about my back. This design shows off your back but the straps allow you to pull it in close enough to show just enough skin and hide any extra rolls you’re not comfy with.

This halter top also has an extra band below the bust for support. That band also creates a slimming effect for the waist.

Kuna Sol Brand at Target

Leopard Print 
Kona Sol Brand, Target

I love leopard print in general. Since halter tops compliment my upper body best, it was a blissful marriage of halter and print. There were no other cut outs or back straps. It did have an extra band under the bust area which adds support. That band also adds a slimming effect to the suit.

It’s full coverage over tummy and lower portion of my body.  

Kona Sol Brand, Target

Fringe Bikini
Mossimo Brand, Target

This bikini is such a perfect blend of style and sexy. Since my tummy isn’t as ab infused as I’d like it to be, I feel slightly, ok VERY, self conscious, if I’m baring it all out. The fringe gives you the chance to discreetly wear a bikini.

It’s All About Keeping The Energy Right

It doesn’t matter our body shape or size. As long as you focus on the parts of your body that you love and feel comfortable with, you can find the right swimsuit. 

One of the most beautiful things to witness is a confident spirit, especially a feminine one. Women are often under so much pressure to appear perfect and ageless. It’s refreshing to see a woman who genuinely loves the skin she’s in. It’s perfectly fine to love your body, appreciate the assets you have and show them off in a way that feels right for you.

Our feminine energy is so enchanting and when we are well loved, we blossom like any flower in the break of day. That starts with simple things like choosing the right outfit.

Dressing your body in a way that feels full of life and spunk is also a way to express self-love and care. It also magnifies confidence. It’s similar to when you clean your home, arrange the furniture just right, declutter and organize. It’s all about keeping the energy right.

Love It or Leave It

So, it’s NOT JUST A SWIMSUIT or a tank top or a flipflop. You should love it. Love it or leave it. It should make you feel good – the colors, the style, the feel… all of it should come together to create a “Nourish Me Sweetly” feeling. 

While I was on vacation in Belize last year, each day I came out to my most beloved pier with a new swimsuit. A brief conversation with another guest made me laugh. 

“We’re leaving today. I’ll miss this place so much.”, the lady said. “Ya, I’m gonna miss it too.”, I told her. “Wait! You’re leaving today? NO WAY!”, she exclaimed. “But you have a whole new swimsuit to show off!”, she laughed. “Yes, I do!”, I chuckled.

Even though I mostly spent my days alone on a pier just taking in life’s good prana, I made the most of every swimsuit because I carefully chose each one and asked myself… “Do I love it?” and only honored the YES!

It doesn’t matter our body shape or size. As long as you focus on the parts of your body that you love and feel comfortable in, you can find the right swimsuit.

“Do I love it?” and if the answer was NO, then it was a NO.

Chocolate Cake

Always Choose The Chocolate Cake

Understandably, nothing is perfect. There are moments we have to make the most of what we have or what’s available to us. BUT, for every moment that you can choose the things that light you up in the best possible way, PLEASE DO! Quite possibly, most of life would unfold more magically if we used this measure. 

Does it make me feel good?

Do I feel full of life in this?

Do I feel loved?

Are my curves enhanced?

Is this making my feminine energy glow?

If not, maybe it’s not the right fit. And that can be applied to everything except chocolate cake guys. Always choose the chocolate cake haha