Nourish Me Sweetly

Head to Toe, Embracing All of Me with Poetry

Head to Toe

I rather like my crow’s feet
That frame this round face 
It took a lifetime to accept.

Before they etched my canvas
I looked damn fine
Said the world—
All taut and perky 
With an uptown ‘do
And a veneered half-smile
That offered others comfort.


I don’t want noxious salves
Fragrant baths
Dear solutions 
And unctuous words
While awaiting smooth redemption.

Experience dared to refresh me
And glow up my spirit.
I quit glancing down 
Or away
To cover up an imperfect life 
But pierce your soul directly
With my dark, lined eyes.

– Analee Lucke

Analee Nal Lucke - Woman, Fully Alive