Nourish Me Sweetly

A Simple Covid-19 Symptom Timeline That Could Help You

“Oh, but she worked out for years… And she did yoga… She was always posting her walks and runs.”


Covid Isn’t A Hoax

Last year Covid-19 was all the rage. Who knew it would stretch all the way into 2021. Maybe some people can finally agree that Covid isn’t a hoax. It actually does exist and it really is a virus that can potentially rummage through your body and either leave you a survivor or a memory.

I’m happy to report that I’m a survivor. While I’m convinced I only slightly touched the very surface of Covid, the experience was enough to further jolt my appreciation for good health and life itself. This amazing journey of life – every easy breath, everyday we have enough energy to do as we wish and every moment our organs function without any help from us. Most times, we are not even aware of all our bodies do for us moment by moment.


A little bit of a backstory. On average I work out 3 times a week, sometimes more. Generally, I take good care of myself and were it not for carbs and chocolate goodies, I’d be way less of a thiccums (urban definition of thick chick) But that’s neither here nor there. It’s only worth mentioning because had things gone the other way, these might be the conversations people could have had after. 

“Oh, but she worked out for years… And she did yoga… She was always posting her walks and runs.” 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

OH, that didn’t matter because there I was.
Covid and Jeannie.
Sitting in a tree.
K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

As the days unfolded before me, one of the main things I found myself looking for was a timeline of Covid symptoms. It was like searching for a What to Expect When You’re Expecting book when you’re pregnant. Except I wanted to know what to expect for Corona.

How could I expect the days to unravel?
What else should I look for?
When will I start feeling better?

Not Today Covid. Not Today.

There It Was. Covid-19

I’d been doing the home remedies of boiling orange peels, onions and other ingredients off and on since April 2020. Most of my showers are with near blistering hot water so it was like doing another form of steam therapy twice a day. In the latter part of last year I stocked up on Sudafed, Vicks and Vitamin C (just in case). I hardly went anywhere really and I’m consistent with masks and hand sanitizers.  

Yet, there it was. Covid-19.

Thankfully I made it through with only one day for real, and dare I say, grave concern. And, I was appreciative of the Covid symptoms timeline I found online. It helped to ease my mind and to feel ok with what I was experiencing. So, in an attempt to provide a timeline of symptoms for someone else… I write this post and hopefully it helps. 

My Own Personal Experience With Covid

The timeline I found basically summed up the general symptoms like loss of appetite, shortness of breath etc but it broke it down day by day. One of things that stood out mostly to me was that most people who end up in the ICU find themselves there around day 8-11 and most people who die usually die around day 18 (on average) There’s so much more I could share from what I learned but to stick to the matter at hand, I’ll just dive right into my own personal experience with Covid.

Side note: If you’ve read a few of my posts, you might know that I receive higher knowings in ways that I would describe as hearing a voice. I’ve had telling dreams and I believe in the ability to read energies and I have a few friends who are gifted in this way. All these played a role in the days that followed and are referenced below.

Here’s my Covid-19 symptoms timeline:

At some point, you just surrender.

Covid-19 Test

Tuesday – took a Covid-19 test
(mouth swab 2 day turn around time)
Wednesday – dreamt of my mom. She was standing in a door way. Beyond her was the light and I was in the dark. She just stood there kind of guarding the door way. The dream was light and airy and I somehow just knew I wouldn’t pass her. All is well. She’s standing in the doorway.
– didn’t think much of it but did feel like she was standing between the realm she is in (mom transitioned in 1999) and the one I’m in.
Thursday – results came in – negative


One Week Went By

One Week Went By
Day 1: Friday – felt like allergies – took Sudafed

Day 2: Saturday – slight allergies but felt fine

Day 3: Sunday – felt ok but can’t distinguish if flu or allergy symptoms
*took comfort in the negative test result

Day 4: Monday – felt fine – slight fluish feeling
– loss of appetite (I just thought I was finally mastering cravings)

Day 5: Tuesday – slight fluish feeling (took Sudafed)
– Sudafed notably affected my sleep and gave me the jitters

Day 6: Wednesday – slight fluish feeling (took Sudafed)
– woke up from a deep cough that felt like it brought something up from my left lung
– got a clear knowing (or a voice that speaks to me)
– I was “told” to breathe deeply and down into my heart and lungs
– “fill your body with oxygen”
– so I took some deep breaths that filled my lungs, chest and tummy
– Sudafed really affected my sleep and I was up again at 2am
– definitely felt more fluish than allergies
– scheduled another Covid-19 test (just in case)
– got one for Saturday

Day 7: Thursday – tired from lack of proper rest
*this whole week I was still able to run and exercise. In fact, I had some of the best runs I’ve had in years. How could I be sick? Impossible.

Day 8: Friday – mid afternoon
– very strange feeling as if I’d had too much coffee
– felt as if there was a band across my chest and someone kept tightening it
– had to stop working and lay down
– felt jittery 

Day 9: Saturday – felt fine
11am – took Covid test
(nasal one inch test – results in two days)


The couch became my best friend.

Day 10 – It Begins

Day 10: Sunday – felt fine
– early to mid afternoon, started feeling slight shortness of breath. 

It begins.
– 4pm to nighttime, that got worse
– felt jittery and tightness across chest again
– hardly had any energy 
– spent entire rest of the night on the couch
– hardly had energy to get to my bed

Day 11: Monday – woke up around 6am and didn’t feel right
– felt like I was hardly breathing 
– very aware of every breath and like my body was rapidly depleting on energy supplies
– heart rate was so rampant that it kept waking me up
– it was FAST and heavy
– something isn’t right
– messaged my friend who can read energy and tap into my field
– 9am woke up again – felt extremely lethargic
– my friend responded – she urged me to see a health professional right away
– “something is not well with your heart and one of your lungs and as soon as they see you, they will tell you what it is and what to do and you will start to recover”

– somehow I find enough energy to take a shower since I’m not sure how this will go or what it will require of me
– as I stood in the shower, my heart was racing and again, I had this feeling of half in my body and half out (this is the best way I could explain it)
– if you can picture a ball of energy to your top right, above your head and you’re half there and half in your body
– slight confusion when I got out of shower. 
– my breaths felt very conscious
– normally we breathe and don’t even pay attention to it
– got out shower and called 911

Heart Rate – Not Fine

– within 10 mins they arrived
– temperature – fine
– oxygen – slightly dropping (they were not alarmed)
– blood pressure – fine
– heart – not fine

“Do you have Covid?” the lead paramedic asked. I explained that I was awaiting my test results from two days prior. I just wanted to get on with it. No questions please. I’m half here as it is. I just wanted to get in the ambulance and get whatever was needed.

My biggest flex this day was the paramedics thinking my son was my boyfriend…”Is this your boyfriend?”, he asked. I didn’t even know my son was standing a few feet behind me. It was like being drugged or in a serious daze. I just barely had the energy to sit on the curb waiting for them. (They asked me to come out if I was able to so I did.) 

“No.”, I said smiling… “OK, your brother?” … “No. My son.” and we all chuckled, except for my son lol. For starters he was worried and secondly he doesn’t like when this happens lol. I, on the other hand, find it most thrilling. It was a much needed moment to break the real worry I felt inside. See, when I told my son I was calling 911, I told him that all would be ok but truthfully I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know what to expect. So that one moment to share a little fun with him was super precious to me.


The deadly virus that wreaks of loneliness.


Just Tired to Just Died

Just the day before, I received a message that my high school friend Lauren Samuels passed away from Covid. They said Lauren was tired yesterday. And today, she’s gone. She went to the hospital but died waiting.”, a friend of mine told me. The details of what transpired exactly I don’t know. I just remember thinking how does one go from being “just tired” to “just died”. What kind of madness is this.

So as I sat on the side of the street, being attended to by some amazing and attentive paramedics, it occurred to me. This is how it could happen. Just tired yesterday. 911 today. It was real. Not that I doubted it but some things are not really REAL til you actually experience it or it hits close enough to home that you get a true taste.

Everyone else I knew personally who had it didn’t have much symptoms. I digress. 

Covid-19 Test

“Hmm”, the lead paramedic continued… “OK. You’re definitely fighting something and we’re going to assume this is Covid but here’s the issue. The hospital is so overwhelmed right now and even with this (he points to the erratic print of my heart rate) they won’t put you first. There are people there way worse than this. So, if we take you, you’ll just be waiting for hours. By then, your symptoms will have increased and you’ll be in a worse position.”, he said.


“Have you been drinking enough fluids?”, he asked. Then I realized… I’d probably only had a few sips of water IF ANY for the last 3 days. “No, actually, I haven’t.”, I responded. “I believe you’re definitely fighting a flu and because of what’s going on now, we want to assume it’s Covid. What I think is happening as a result is dehydration. When you fight any flu you need lots of fluids and if this is Covid, even more. What you need right now is loads of fluids and fast. This rapid heart rate would only increase in a waiting room at the hospital. And it will be HOURS before they see you. When they finally see you, they’ll put you on drips but I think we can start correcting this here. So, what I want you to do is to drink 1 full gallon of water by midday. Get some pedialyte in between and continue this for today and the next couple days and get lots of rest.” 

I just wanted to go to the hospital so they could fully check me out. I was lacking energy and clarity and I felt a little scared. But the choice was mine. 

The other lead stepped in. “I trust my partner in this and agree that in this case, this is the better decision, only because the hospital is overwhelmed. This is will get worse there while you’re waiting. Tell you what… if your heart rate doesn’t get better by 4p today, call us and we will come right back and get you.

But we firmly believe this is dehydration caused by a flu and while it could get worse, we can start correcting it here without the IV if we act now. If we wait longer then it will be a different story. Right now let’s just load you up with fluids and we believe you’ll start to recover from there.”

I looked back to my son. I was still feeling half in and half out of my body. It’s one of the weirdest feelings. “OK, I’ll try the water and call you back if I don’t feel differently.”, I said.

I went back inside and started to drink loads of water and the pedialyte. By evening time, I felt more in my body. I didn’t feel that clear separation or divide. This is the best way I could describe it. I still had very limited energy and it felt like the least movement I made agitated my heart. It would beat so rapidly and with so much umph!

The rest of the days and nights that followed were mostly filled with fatigue and a heavily thumping heart. While the rate had slowed down quite a bit, it was still not at a normal rate and every beat was pounding. It woke me up from my naps and my sleep and I could only nap or sleep on my right side. Otherwise, I’d feel it pounding and vibrating through the surface of whatever I was resting on. And that would keep me up.


Day 12: Tuesday – got results of test – POSITIVE

My brother’s first response to me was “Don’t panic.”
I was ok though. Even though it was only one day after having called the paramedics, their assessment seemed accurate. 

Thankfully, we resolved it in time. However, had I just continued to “rest”, it could have gone a different way. I was unaware that I wasn’t getting fluids. Dehydration is a dangerous condition. Dehydration while your body is fighting Covid-19 – 911!

It probably added to moments of feeling bizarrely unaware. Days later, I saw texts I didn’t remember receiving and phone calls I thought I answered but didn’t. It’s like I was in a deep fog of some kind. You know how it can be when we are not well. Even the regular flu can do this to us.

Day 16: Saturday – December 26th, I finally had energy to get up and move around a bit. The only thing I felt strongly was a slight dizziness when my friend dropped off food for my son and me (no contact). Each day after that got better. My heart rate took quite a few days to feel more normal. Today, 37 days later, my heart mostly feels OK. But there are moments… when it just beats as if I’d ran a marathon. Fatigue is there still but I’ve been able to resume exercise and normal activity. 

Brink Of Exhaustion

My son’s tests continued to yield negative even though we were in close quarters. He took two tests. I’d only seen a very few of my loved ones in the two weeks before and all were safe and sound.

We now consume Vitamin C, Vitamin D and loads of water daily. 

In the days that passed, I often thought of Lauren and I wonder… would it have gone differently if she went to seek assistance at the “I feel tired” stage in her timeline? It probably would have been dismissed. As health care systems all over the world are on the brink of exhaustion, it’s likely she would have been told the same thing I was. “This is concerning but there are people way worse than this and so you must try something else.”

Maybe it’s just her soul’s journey. I will never know for sure. I’m thankful for the kind and helpful paramedics that came to see me that morning. They were right. It was dehydration and after about 4 days of mostly rest, fluids and bingeing on “The Crown” on Netflix, I finally started feeling better. 

And now I’m fully alive and back in my body 100%.

A Stigma

Days later, the Health department called to follow up on my test. I was already much better. They informed me that once you pass 10 days from date of first symptoms and/or 24 hours after your last fever, you are no longer considered contagious. It didn’t matter though because I learned there’s definitely a stigma that comes with having caught Covid-19. I’ve just accepted that people have to feel comfortable to be around you afterwards. And after my mini dance with it, I don’t blame them really. It’s all good.

So, to wrap it up…just know that Covid affects each person differently and there are after effects that could or could not linger. This is just my story and I hope if you are going through Covid-19 that it helps or brings you some kind of comfort. Had I been drinking enough fluids, perhaps it wouldn’t have gone the way it did. Either way, all is well.

No Fever

General symptoms included:
loss of appetite
tightness across chest
slower breaths
rapid heart rate
pounding heart rate

I don’t think I ever had a fever – if I did, it was low grade and only one day (about 3 days after the paramedic day). I didn’t really have a cough during the time I didn’t feel well. About a week after feeling recovered, I was coughing up a lot more. That lasted about 4 days. Now I cough here and there but that could be attributed to a nasal drip that itches my throat.

Online Timeline

Here’s the online timeline that I found that soothed me through my days. It’s a light read yet very informative.

I also found this product (oximeter) very handy as oxygen levels are super important while monitoring Covid-19 symptoms. I’d read a post from my friend and past pediatrician of my son, Dr. Egbert Grinage who suggested we all have these handy. And, he is right.

This oximeter worked well even with my long nails. Just had to find a little trick for the fit. Another helpful tool would be a thermometer but I haven’t bought one I can recommend.

Thankfully I feel fine now, minus the heart rate and some fatigue. I’m confident that in time I will make a complete and full recovery.

My takeaway:
load up on Vitamin C
drink lots of water everyday
keep washing your hands
keep wearing your mask
breathe deeply and allow oxygen to fill your body up.
From what I’ve read, Covid-19 depletes oxygen which every part of your body needs.
do steam therapy a few times a week

Nourish Me (Them) Sweetly

If you know someone who has Covid-19 and you can take food for them or water, please do. No contact delivery protects you. I had my son with me but if I didn’t, I imagine how lonely it would have felt to be scared alone. So, be kind where you can. Show up for people if you are able to. 

Nourish Them Sweetly.
It goes a long way.