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How To Make Progress Without Always Taking Action

Esther is a woman who mediates or speaks for an
entity or collective known as Abraham.


Esther Hicks and Abraham

Understanding the difference between motivated and inspired action has shown me how to make progress without always taking action.

A few years ago, my friend Randy and I were exchanging texts about spirituality and he mentioned the name Esther Hicks. I looked her up on YouTube and dove deep into her teachings for the years that followed.

To summarize, Esther is a woman who mediates or speaks for an entity or as he calls himself… the collective, known as Abraham. To learn more about how Esther and her husband Jerry’s relationship with Abraham evolved, check out this link. You can also search “how Esther Hicks met Abraham” on YouTube for many other videos. 

One of their teachings that have stuck with me the most was Abraham’s explanation of motivated action vs inspired action. We tend to think that we have to be in a constant state of “doing” in order to accomplish things. Sometimes, you have to be still and listen with your inner ear for the next move.

“Esther is a woman who channels an entity or spirit or collective known as Abraham.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Esther and Jerry Hicks

Hustle In These Streets

Here’s the best way that I could explain how to spot the difference between motivated action vs inspired action. Motivated action is based on calculated tasks that yield a specific result. Inspired action is based on nudges from spirit (or intuition) that, in the moment, may not make much sense.

Incorporating the two and learning when to act and when to be still may not only help you to get more done but in a far less stressful way.

Humans have been conditioned to operate with “motivated action”. It’s sort of that “you have to work hard to get ahead in life” notion. “You have to follow this blueprint. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you gotta hustle in these streets!”

When we rely solely on the concept of motivated action, it also tends to pull us in to the vibration of fear, lack and the “fight or flight” state of mind. 

Inspired Action is Lighter

Whereas “inspired action” is lighter… feels softer and there’s no rigidity to it. It flows like water…It often comes when your mind is more quiet or you have stepped away from the issue you’re trying to resolve or gain insight into.

For many, it will come after meditation, a hike, a day of golfing, during a shower, down time or after a long walk. 

“When we rely solely on the concept of motivated action, we tend to lean in to fear, lack and the “fight or flight” state of mind. “

planning session
Creating Blueprints, Graphs and Lists

Access To The One

The nudges for inspired action come when you allow yourself to align with God, Source, the Eternal one – the collective mind, The Divine. It’s like having access to the one who sees all possible avenues and outcomes. I often refer to Him as the Master Chess Player, for He knows all the moves. 

If we think the only way to get anything done or achieve our goals is based on motivated action alone then we operate from a limited viewpoint. We then function from a place where our eyes are fixed on the board and we don’t have the overview of everything. 

We just sit there, up close and personal to our chessmen – no access to how the other player is thinking. 

” I often refer to Him as the Master Chess Player. “

woman with tibetan bowls
Woman Sitting Tibetan Bowls

Surrender To The Silence

I am in no way suggesting that we abandon blueprints, recipes or plans of action. Both motivated and inspired action are useful. The trick is to learn when to follow a directive from this earthly plane and when to follow a hunch from the place that most of us cannot see with our physical eyes.

It’s like learning when to bob and weave in the chaos vs knowing when to surrender to the silence.

There are actually some people who mostly operate under the realm of “inspired action”. These people are usually more calm, at peace and move through the day in a much smoother way with very minimal moments of following a script. 

Ideas And Synchronicity

Naturally, there are things that require blueprints and to do lists. Let’s consider things like constructing a property, marketing campaigns, planning a wedding or even a date night. Perhaps you have to make reservations or get approval from the city for your property idea. 

But even in those moments, if you keep yourself open, you are likely to receive prompts and ideas which then allow for synchronicity that just ties everything together seamlessly. 

the art of imagination

Tiny Bubbles of Nothingness

Consider this an invitation for you to make space for the Divine to enter into all of your plans, blueprints, to do lists and road maps. Create tiny empty bubbles of nothingness for grand downloads to permeate your days and all of your decisions.

As you start to step back, you will see more and more where you can create the balance between motivated and inspired action. You don’t have to be motion ALL OF THE TIME to make progress.

Create Space For The Divine

Balance is essential. It’s crucial. And being open to a broader perspective is golden.

You will notice that you get more clarity, insight, greater ideas, faster solutions and glorious synchronicity.

It’s about learning to lean on God, not your limited mindset. Create space for The Divine and watch how your ability to play the game will expand exponentially. Imagine your blueprint enhanced by The One?

Leave Room for The Divine

He who fostered the all… sitting at the helm of your vessel… c’mon, how much more greatness could there possibly be. 

I invite you to include The Divine in all of your blueprints, lists and must-do’s. Cultivate your inner soil to make space for your soul. Leave room for The Divine and follow the nudges that follow.

And for every and any time that you notice that you became aware of a nudge or your intuition, followed it and it pulled through magnificently, honor it. 

Thank it… Over time, you will learn to trust it. And, thereafter build the most important relationship of your existence – the one with God.

Check out this excerpt from The Reality Revolution’s narration of Florence Scovel Schinn’s “Fearlessness”. It gives another insight into acting vs intuiting. 

This is a feeling universe. Namaste

From the teachings of Florence Scovel Schinn… Fearlessness, narrated by Brian Scott.