Nourish Me Sweetly

I Love Being a Woman

I love being a woman…
My thoughts today as I put my make up on…

I love how my eyebrows frame my eyes
And how gorgeous they are when I do the “fill in” thing I learned on YouTube
Even though my cousin said it looks more like “YouTry”
She’s a riot I swear.
No Sister, Gurl, Cousin, Friend – I didn’t just try.
I got that shit right.
My eyebrows are lit!
Almost as lit as your beautiful being.

I love my hair
And the line of ancestors it took to get it to be how it is – wild and free.
OK. Fine.
Just wild!
I love that my eyes have been both a weakness and a nuisance to those who have loved me
But mostly I love that they are seemingly the portal to my soul.
That they can tell you a million stories if you only cared enough to explore.

I love that it takes me a minute to get ready…
OK! Fine!
An hour.
OK! Fine!
Sometimes more.

I enjoy adorning my temple with colors and fabrics that make me feel alive.
I love wearing knee high boots and high heels, especially with shorts…
Especially with very short shorts.
I love wearing jewelry, especially silver
I love getting my nails done and watching them type…
And how they line my curves when I take care of my body.
Oh Man! I love being a Wo-Man.

I love how my breasts accentuate my womanhood
I love how they feel pressed against the the very masculine energy of my man
I love that they can provide pleasure and comfort

I love the way my curves feel, even to me.
I love the way they sway when I hear my favorite Afrobeat(s) songs
And that they’ve lured men over to me even if just to say
– I love the way you dance
– I love the way you move
– I just wanted to tell you that you’re a beautiful woman.
And I love the way they fall into their curvy outline when I lay on my side.
And when I look down to see the hands of the man I love on my hips like they were made just for him…
I got them from my momma. No Lie.

Oh Man!
I love being a woman.
In all my beautiful unravelled mess…
I love being a woman.
In all my beautiful amazingness.

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