Nourish Me Sweetly

I Love You Too. Nourish Me Sweetly.

You taught me how to be without you
Til it was all I knew
One day I woke up
Nothing left to say
Nothing left to do

No more trying to show you
We should spend time like the other families do
Go to the park, sit by the poolside …
Share a laugh or two
Maybe you could text back some time I asked
Nah you said you didn’t know how to
It’s ok.
It’s alright.
I learned to live without that too.

As I reminisce on that time almost two decades ago
I see that I’ve come a long way
Still a lot for me to learn though
Slowly it’s coming to the surface of my life
The feminine spirit does not fight to be anyone’s wife.

She does not chase, does not convince, does not persuade you to love her well
She does not push, does not force, does not try to keep you cast you under her spell
She does not beg or plead or give all her precious power away
She simply is… in all her essence – the sun, the moon, the stars, the night, the day.
The ocean and the mountains and everything you see
Oh what a powerful essence, that feminine spirit in me.

I’m still learning
How to be softer, let things flow, connect fully to my soul

Let life unfold.

I used to wish away my feminine spirit – please go away.
I don’t want to feel so much today.
Slowly I learn to celebrate her, loving all that she is
Oh my sweet feminine spirit, you are the “isness” to my is.

So complex – you’re why I experience all things so deeply.
“I love you”, I say to her
She responds, “I love you too my darling. Just remember, Nourish Me Sweetly.”

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