Nourish Me Sweetly

I'm Not Sleeping Alone in My Bed Tonight

Chanting prayers in a closet where I’d made a shrine for the love of you


When you left I was broken

Chanting prayers in a closet where I’d made a shrine for the love of you
For the love of us. What?!

I didn’t even recognize who I had become
I really thought we were meant to be
Forever and a day – my boo and me.
At first, I could hardly find it in me to cry
I was taught to ‘man up’ since I was a child.
Working in my village, selling on the street side
Boy, do you even know who I am?
I was born to Survive.

But there I was, only a thread of who I knew myself to be
Left to process a mirage of memories
Your morning letters, flowers and countless words professing your love for me
Vows to God, sweet prayers and words to convince me and my family


You checked out and I felt like the empty room you left behind
A MESS – the room, the house, the yard. And Me.
Total. Disarray.
All I’d done for us but nothing was good enough to make you stay
My sheets rumbled, trash overflowing, towels on the ground, tears drops and food spills
My heart in shambles and my body a wreck

Apologizing, begging and pleading for you to reconsider me

What the!?!?!
I went into meek and mild
From strong independent woman to a desperate child
It took a long time for me to realize it was over.
You were not coming back

My house that was once filled with love was empty
Except for me and every hard and debilitating memory
Til that one one fine day I finally woke up

Not before I felt like I just couldn’t
Not before countless breakdowns
Not before I grasped at every straw to save what we had
And not before it hit me that there was nothing more that I could do
You were gone
We were through
This morning though…
The sunlight hit me through my window in the bathroom
And again in the kitchen
Like it was following me around to get my attention.
And I stood in their rays took them in like blessings from above
There was my home, getting filled with His love.
My home is mine again
Almost devoid of memories of you.
My yard is clean and my heart is fine.
My smile is back, my vibrance is bright.
And I’m not sleeping alone in my bed tonight