Nourish Me Sweetly

Netflix and Chill

I called you
I got voicemail
More than once I tried
Already knew what you’d say though
“Sorry boo, my battery died.”

I was hoping to talk to you
I’m always hoping for that
Just wanted to catch a vibe
Shoot the breeze, no real questions
But your battery died

Like it did that time
When I didn’t hear back
Countless hours had gone by
Really wanted to see you
But your battery died

And then again two nights ago
5 hours later I got a text back
Yep I was right
You would have gotten back to me
But your battery died

You thought I was sleeping
Nah, I was up and out
Doin the chill minus Netflix with that other guy
Telling him “All is well – we good.
His battery died.”
-Jeannie Shaw

2 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill”

  1. Jeannie, so glad your battery is up and running…loved this poem, and by di way, loved your swimsuit pics and reading about body shapes and nourishing oneself…even in terms of flip-flops, my go to comfort footwear! So, I will go out and buy myself a fancy flip flop that I am usually too cheap to spend more than a few bucks on! I will, indeed, nourish my feet sweetly! Tenk Yu, gyal!

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