Nourish Me Sweetly

I Have a Way with Words She Said

I have a way with words she said…
I can take one liners and multiply them inside your head,
I add, subtract, divide them…
Turn them into horses and I ride them.
I play with fire when I use them.
Make them dance,
On broken glass,
I twist them,
And I turn them,
Sometimes I straight abuse them.
I burn them on my fire,
Make them freeze on ice,
Mix them in my chemistry,
And serve them in a slice.

I have a way with words she said…
Their value more than gold.
I’ve etched them in her memory,
I pray their substance feeds her soul.
I make them laugh,
I make them cry,
I turn ABCs…
Into a baby’s lullaby
I give them life when I write them.
Let them penetrate you when I recite them.
I can even make them sing!
Turn them into Hip Hop.
And I make my words Bling! Bling!

I have a way with words she said…
They’ve created movies in her mind,
Wrote her letters that made her smile,
Delivered her treasures she thought she’d never find,
She said they fed her imagination…
Lit her life with their illumination,
Said they give her energy,
Koz my words create such synergy.

I have a way with words she said…
But I wonder if she knew why,
It is her love, her trust, her faith in me,
That give them wings and make them fly!

I have a way with words she said…
You know? I think it might be true!
Koz the same look I used to get from her?
I’m getting now from you.

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