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Transitioning from Naturally Straight to Naturally Curly Hair

My daily “hairdo” was too time consuming. I was born with naturally straight hair that was dirty blond as a child. It was long and straight and what I like to refer to as “wash and go”. WuHoo! Yay me! Life is great! Of course this was before I cared what my hair did or was or how it flowed and if it went with an outfit I just bought from Goodwill. One day when I was about 12, my mom cut my hair. It changed and I found myself on a journey that took me near 20 years to embracing my naturally curly hair. There was a lot to learn in the process of transitioning from naturally straight to naturally curly hair.

straight hair and curly hair
The transition of naturally straight hair to naturally curly hair

I remember sitting in my mom’s room and watching the old style colonial door frame and I can still feel her presence now as I think of it. I can hear the not-so-sexy sound of the scissors making their “I don’t know how to cut hair” debut on my long naturally straight dirty blond locks. I was getting bangs.Or something!

I don’t remember much after that. I only remember at some point I looked in the mirror and there was a mop in the front of my head on the top of my cranium, maybe about quarter way in on ALL sides and the rest fell straight.

What kind of madness is this?
What happened to my straight hair?
Where did it go?

Mixed Chic Problems – actually no problem at all.

My mom was Belizean and of mixed ethnicity: Mestizo and Creole (White and Black). Her hair was jet black, thick, kinky and COARSE… a beautiful mixture on her. My dad was white; Scottish and had soft curly hair if it grew out more than 2 inches. My mom had relaxed her hair most of her life and I wonder now if she ever embraced her natural kinky hair and would she embrace it now?

There is an old saying in my country inferring something to the effect of “when someone who has more coarse hair than yours cuts your hair, your hair will grow coarse thereafter”. I don’t remember the exact verbiage. I only remember thinking… OMG it’s true. My hair changed. Thicker, curlier, less manageable (how I felt then). Of course, that had to do with her genes and not superstition but still!

At 12 years old, my mom decided she would cut my hair. The nature of my hair changed. It’s been quite a journey to loving my hair.

I ended up cutting and keeping my short hair for a long time. I would straighten it when I could. Somehow I always thought I looked better with it straight.

One of my “dos” was a Halle Berry cut some time in the early 90s and I LOVED when anyone would make reference to her and me.

Yep! Scout’s Honor, they did…

Straight hair can be more work, actually.

As time went by and my hair grew out, I learned how to blow dry, flat iron and wrap my hair. I learned about relaxers and even had an old boyfriend who would willingly relax my hair for me. Ha! He was ESPECIAL! I learned about Matrix Hot and Cold and Keratin straighteners and I learned that unless it was Matrix Hot (very costly to do) that if I went out and danced the night away my straight would go curly, or should I say carazee! I learned that I did not feel pretty UNLESS my hair was straight and at one point, did not feel pretty UNLESS I had bangs.

Needless to say I learned a lot.

Changes came as they often do.

And then 2014 and all the changes in the last several years weighed heavily on me and I got so tired of giving so much of my precious seconds per day to doing my hair, day in – day out. EVERY SINGLE DAY I would do my hair (just about) for the last 3 years, or 1095 days or 94608000 seconds… do you see how time adds up… Wow! I’M TIRED!


A few months ago, I had a health scare and I wanted to start taking my exercise more seriously and I also did not have the time to fit in working out at the gym plus the additional 40 mins to an hour every day to give to my hair. I had so much more to do and learn and take care of. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

I had to find a way to let these curls be. I had tried so many times before and failed miserably but now I had to find a way. It meant healthier hair, more growth, better skin, more time for myself and my loved ones, more rest and relaxation time, more “dance that reggae all night, who cares” time.

It took a while to find what worked for me.

It has been quite a journey although I am only four months into it and still trying to find the perfect fit for me and my do. I have tried a few products and procedures and “he said, she said” bits and pieces of advice and thinking that it’s a lot simpler than I anticipated. It’s just to find that perfect fit for me, for my hair. It’s definitely “something to blog about”.

My hair with Just for Me Texturizer

The thing is, there’s really more to it than just the time it takes and the work and finding the right fit. It also has a lot to do with mere acceptance of all I am from the bottom of my feet to YES! the top of my head…

Me, in her whole entirety.
Me, in all her “perfect imperfections”. (Jump in John Legend or better yet Jah Cure’s beautiful cover)
Me, the here and now.

My natural hair with no chemicals.

Me, the one whom I wish to Nourish Sweetly…

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  1. Why do our moms cut our hair at such young ages is the question? I had a He-Man cut myself I too always wanted long straight locks and in tropical climates could never succeed for no more than the time I stepped out the front door. Then in the moment we embrace what’s is trying to be naturally we feel a sense of freedom. “Curly locks , two roads before you which one will be your choice? “-Junior Byles

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