Nourish Me Sweetly

Do you have a story to tell?

If you want to share a story about a person, place, thing or event that left you feeling more alive and more in touch with all that you are, there are people who would love to read it. If you have an amazing tale about how you followed your intuition, learned meditation or found your way to connect to the divine… the likelihood is that other people want to hear your story too. 

Perhaps Nourish Me Sweetly could be one of your platforms to share your story/stories.

Here sits an online space for inspiring stories. 

If you are a good fit for us, you are a self-starter, a believer, a go getter and you want to share something that will uplift someone else. You enjoy self-care and self-love and want to share stories about people, places, things and/or events that could bring joy, healing and/or upliftment to others. 

Of course, not all of life is roses and butterflies… so even if your story is a little sad or shares the “reality” that’s less than fairytale like… the outturn must leave the reader feeling inspired and hopeful.

Do you have stories like these?

Once your story has been reviewed and is in alignment with Nourish Me Sweetly platform, we can move to the next step of publishing it on our site. In return for your story, we will share a short bio alongside your post. Your post and/or bio may include links to two of your social platforms and a link to your website or a product page.


Your post must be uplifting and speak to people who want to raise their consciousness and vibration.
It must be original and unpublished.
You must include your bio, a pic of yourself and at least 3 relevant photos. (ALL IMAGES MUST BE COPYRIGHT FREE)
Include a link to your blog, website and 2 social media accounts.
Nourish Me Sweetly will distribute your post on all our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter. 


Amazing ANYTHING that really add value to your life
Delightful adventures/trips that brought you a sense of balance and joy
Someone who did something amazing to create a beautiful shift in your life
A life lesson or experience that opened your eyes or changed the way you viewed something
Advice you’d give to your younger self or younger women
Things you learned in your marriage or relationship that gave you a deeper understanding about life or yourself
A book that played a pivotal role in a personal transformation

Let’s share more positive, uplifting stories and raise the vibration of the world around us. There are many people who are seeking more of the “good news”.


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