Nourish Me Sweetly


Didn’t Wanna Wake You

Didn’t Wanna Wake You Come paint with meWords I’d never heard before…A simple and brief connectionAfter asking for his instagram nameOK. Sure.CRAZYNah, I trust vibesI always haveWhich doesn’t explain why I did that thing all those years agoMy heart knew it wasn’t rightBut back to last night… Paint we didWe talked.We laughed.I asked a thousand …

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Boy Bye!

I don’t know what makes me care so much that I lose myself That they become more important than me That they become priority over all things That I would be so willing to release my power FOR. WHAT. REASON? I don’t know what makes me care so much that I can’t sleep at night That …

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Truth Is…

Truth is… I’m just not interested I just don’t know how to say it. I don’t know how to let the words roll of my tongue I’m afraid they will hit you harder than the loudest Lambeg drum Truth is… I just don’t see you that way I just don’t know how to say it. …

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No Thank You

Dull your shine It’s too bright You look too happy You’re starting to resemble Sunlight Starlight Moonlight Dull your sexy It doesn’t speak of your pain You look too confident You’re starting to resemble Contentment Alignment Strength Dull your picture taking It’s too much information! Dull your freedom It’s taken way too much flight! Dull your …

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I Am The Weakest Link

Gray Area

Breaths and kisses And butterflies Heaving movements Where my heart lies Walls and pressing And pinning abound Lips that flirt But don’t touch down Fingers and skin And bodies that sync My breasts to his chest That’s it! I Am The Weakest Link October 2014 Jeannie Shaw Poetry