Nourish Me Sweetly

The Beautiful Sound of Me.

February 18th 2010, 9:44pm – Belize City, Belize

Sitting in the silence

I hear all sounds around me
The TV is on and doors are closing
Footsteps thump like drums on the floor below
Windows are slamming down…
It’s closing time 

Cars are passing by
Blasting music just because they can
Cycles are speeding to the wind’s delight
Dogs bark to hear themselves
And someone is knocking a stick

I can hear my son tossing in his bed
People are signing in and out of my messengers
And I can hear my fingers tapping on the keyboard
While I try to maintain the calm 
I realise my son is not yet asleep

He’s talking to himself again 
Or that imaginary friend
The fan is playing its motor 
A sound that sometimes keeps us rested
There is some appeasing in knowing it is on

I hear the sound of power 
In my refrigerator
And the faint voices of people talking
Now someone just turned off their alarm to get into their car

I hear all kinds of things of tonight
In the silence
As I sit
But the one thing I have been waiting to hear…
I can’t hear…

There is no clarity yet…
Just silence.
Besides the sounds of my heart 
But I know soon 
She will find me… and I’ll know

She will tell me truths and share the greater knowings.
My Love

The beautiful sound of me.