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The Beauty of Authenticity in Relationships

Ego is defined as a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Most of us operate from the place of the ego on a daily basis. It’s something that I would go as far as to say is mostly innate in us. Some of us either live completely under the reign of the ego, are subtly aware of its existence or if we are like Moojibaba, then the ego can go kick rocks! #LifeGoals. We particularly play into the ego’s realm when we first meet someone. We think it’s safer that way. The truth is that the more honest we are about who we are and what our needs are, the more we will discover the beauty of authenticity in relationships.

Put your best foot forward.

This is especially true in intimate relationships.
We want to paint a picture of being totally “together” and evolved.

Yes! You sir or madam, have made the right choice! I have got my shit together and you can run and shout it on the mountains because YOU HAVE SCORED. I AM IT!!! 

Most of the times though, this is far from the truth. Most of us have a story or stories that have shaped us to be who we are – complete with insecurities, trust issues, abandonment issues and the like. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we sincerely practiced authenticity in all of our relationships?

Just be you

The past few weeks have left me wondering how amazing all our connections would be if we were just honest about what our issues are. It would be so damn freeing – no pretending and no pressure to be something we are not, just you in all your purest and rawest form. Therein lies a sense of complete and utter abandon of trying to be perfect. It also opens the space for the other person to be open about who they are. Moreover, it gives them fair insight into how their connection with you would be, what’s acceptable or not and if they can grow in their union with you.

Getting into an intimate relationship creates a space for growth and expansion if we so wish, if we choose to let our guard down. It’s one of the fastest routes to the core who we are.  Layers upon layers of our truest self are revealed, even you are not comfortable looking at them. It may also entail having to hear how some of your reactions tied to your issues won’t be accepted.

Where do you need to grow?

All of it can be tough but it’s real and real is always best. Sometimes being real leads to endings but you will have seen the authentic truth in who you are, where you need to grow and there’s a real beauty in that kind of authenticity.

Self discovery, if we are truly open, is hard. Lines can get blurred, feelings hurt and anxiety can creep in but if you are willing to see the truth of who you are, you’ll take the good with the bad and you’ll go through it and hopefully grow through it.

I encourage you to be authentic and as always, this is a #NoteToMyself.

What are some of your issues and how are you working through them?

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