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Three Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Energy

Your body is a source of magnetic fields that extend beyond the physical apparatus we use on a daily basis. 


A Source of Magnetic Fields

Your body is a source of magnetic fields that extend beyond the physical apparatus we use on a daily basis. The whole of who we are includes outer layers (energetic fields, if you will) that are not visible to the naked eye. While some gifted clairvoyants, healers, shamans and the like have the ability to see beyond our tangible bodies, most of us just see a body. 

Ever notice the labels on candles with saints on them? Most of them show the figure of a person with different colors that contour around the figure. Those colors extend outwards to create somewhat of a holographic replica. So, when you think of cleaning yourself, consideration should be given to those outer layers (energetic field). So, besides a shower or bath for your tangible body, here are three simple ways to cleanse your energy.

There's more to our bodies than bones, flesh, muscle and blood etc.

The Invisible Field of Electromagnetic Energy

This is why when someone comes too close to us, we might feel like they are “in our space” even though they are not touching us. They literally are in our space.

So, when we think of our existence, it’s more accurate to include our aura, the invisible field of electromagnetic energy. We won’t get into the breakdown of that now but here’s a basic breakdown of the aura (or outer layers) that surrounds the physical you:

1. The Etheric 
2. The Emotional 
3. The Mental
4. The Astral Layer
5. The Conceptual 
6. The Celestial 
7. The Soul

These layers all serve a purpose in the whole of who we are. And, the same way we cleanse our tangible bodies, our homes, our cars etc., we also should be paying attention to these outer layers of our bodies (our aura) that are not so easily visible. 

Sage is a powerful energy cleansing tool.

And you might wonder how do these layers even get contaminated? Well, without realising it, experiences from our daily lives can start to weigh on us and possibly attach to us. We might find ourselves feeling down, or drained and unable to pinpoint where it’s coming from. It could simply be negative energies latching on to us like magnets. Picture these layers somewhat like a web and things slowly start to get entangled and intertwined in them. These can include the day’s events, our thoughts and even other people’s thoughts toward us.

3 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Aura

Not to worry, as there are several things we can do to refresh our energy bodies and create a new space to operate in. Here are 3 simple ways to clean up your aura that you can start with today.


You’d never imagine how much of a restorer silence can be. Take half an hour out of your day, find a quiet corner, set your phone somewhere else and make it a point just to breathe. Ever heard the saying “Silence is golden.”? These are among the truest words ever to be spoken. Not only does it help to build new brain cells, it helps to decrease our stress levels especially after a windfall of noise or overstimulation. This puts your body is a more relaxed state which then enhances sleep and could lessen insomnia.

Silence also promotes more focus in your day to day life. Finally, it allows the day’s energies to clear, to renew your mindset and give you a fresh start. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a meditation… just silence… watching life go by… and breathing. You’ll be amazed how good you feel after and you may even find yourself inspired to take action on something you were trying to figure out.


The use of sage has roots in Native American tradition. Its properties are phenomenal in the cleansing of negative energy. It also cleanses the bacteria in the air, by up to 94%. Most importantly, it can help to clear away all the things that bring negative energies to us – past traumas, bad experiences etc. Smudging is another word for “sageing” and people can use it around their bodies, over belongings, in their homes and the list goes on and on. The aroma of smudging will help to boost your mood as well. You may also want to consider palo santo sticks after. While sage is good for clearing energies, the palo santo calls in the good energies.  


Sea salt baths are cleansing and generally beneficial to the body. Not only do they help to stimulate circulation, ease muscle tightness and relieve stiff joints, sea salt is a natural mineral that is charged to demagnetize negative energies. It is symbolic of grace in the Bible. 

The bath requires a little bit on concoction on your part but it’s so simple and easy. You’ll need some coconut oil and an essential oil to add to it. Now, there are many essential oils to choose from. You’ll need to do a little research to see which one is best for you in your present life situation.

The purpose of the coconut oil is to create a base for the final product. It’s also nourishing and healing to your skin. Meanwhile, an essential oil will bring forth a deeply aromatic atmosphere. 

And, your final ingredient is water. Water acts as a portal to cover you and move that mineral around and throughout your body. It’s a lovely way to start cleansing yourself fully. 

This combination of natural products will not only naturally draw out toxins but will also lower stress-related hormones and balance your pH levels. 

In the meantime, here’s the bath recipe:
1. 1/3 cup virgin coconut oil.
2. 1 cup sea salt 
3. 15 drops essential oil 

Sea salt bath prep

Salt Bath Options 

Once you make the paste, you have two salt bath options.

If you have a tub, fill it with water as hot as you can manage then place your paste inside until it dissolves.
Sit in the tub and cleanse your body from the bottom of your feet to the nape of your neck and soak for at least 15 minutes. 

If you don’t have use of a tub, the shower can still work.
Start from the bottom of your feet, using small circular and slightly massaging motions until you reach your neck. 

Once, you’ve cleansed and covered your entire body and feel good about your process, stand under the shower and wash away the mix. Your skin will feel like silk and the aroma of the essential oil will make you think you’re having the most magnificent spa day. You may start getting a sense of tiny crystals all around you and your energy will feel lighter and more alive. 

I usually get the feeling of the shower falling over me as magical cleansing waters that are rejuvenating my energy field. This is not something I planned… it sort of just sort of happens.  

Immerse yourself in sea salt, coconut oil and an essential oil.

This Is A Spiritual Cleansing

Once you’ve rinsed off, don’t use any other soaps. If you must shampoo and/or condition that day, just use organic products, free of chemicals and the like.

Throughout the rest of your day, it’s common to feel tingling sensations all around you. This is a spiritual cleansing – a rejuvenation and a great opportunity to set an intention. 

While there are many other uses for sea salt, coconut oil and essential oil, using them to create a paste and cleanse your body with it will be one of the best things you do for yourself this week.

Overall Being

These are three easy ways to start cleaning up your energy. The silence can be done once or twice a day. Sageing is recommended as often as you need it. Salt baths can be done once or twice a week. 

As a note, some spiritual practitioners do not believe that your auric field can be cleaned up without doing some deep soul work. While I’m not professionally trained in this field, I can at the very least share with you that the practices listed above have made and continue to make a huge difference in my overall being. I hope it will help you as well.

As a bonus, here’s a list of 5 well-loved essential oils you can add to your salt bath mix:

Frankincense – great for ageing
Peppermint Essential – antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties
Orange – promotes collagen + increases blood circulation
Lavender – calming, soothing + relaxing
Rosemary – exfoliating + moisturizing

What’s your spiritual cleansing exercise?