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Taking The Greyhound Bus from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada

I had to take the Greyhound bus from Utah to Las Vegas. OK, no problem.

I’ve done so many brave things in my life – this would be nothing.Ā Blogs and YouTube are my “go to” for anything that could guide me a little – “what to expect when you take the Greyhound bus.”

OMG! Why did I search?!?! šŸ™

Anxiety was filling me – I was not being nourished sweetly. I was filled with the worse thoughts ever including that the bus would explode or a snow storm would conjure up with great passion and suddenly fall in the midstĀ of September and we would plunge into a cold and gruesome cannibalistic experience. I even wrote a letter instructing my “wifee” (that’s a whole other blog and likely not what you’re thinking) on what should be done for my son, my things, my remnants just in case I never returned. Seriously. I did. šŸ™

I was nervous. The terminal was reportedly in a rough part of Salt Lake City – according to my online sources. It sounded like “Drug Central”Ā more than a “Bus Central”. The ride would be 8 hours long with a number of stops in between. I would buy my ticket online, buy food at a stop in between, take in the scenery and use it as some alone time to disconnect from the world.

IĀ stopped searching and just decided I would go for it.

The only thing I was looking forward to was passing through the canyons near Arizona. If only just for a moment to view them and be in their presence… that alone is glorious enough to make theĀ 8 hour drive worth it. The canyons line a path through Arizona. They areĀ beautiful, majestic, sun kissed kings of rocks that stretch up to hundreds of feet, maybe even thousands. The human eye is forced toĀ wanderĀ up to find the crown of their soulfulĀ reaches and just stare in awe of nature.

Arizona Canyons on the route from Utah to Nevada

I purchased my ticket online at for $56.50 including tax. It was a one way ticket to Las Vegas on the Greyhound bus. Arrangements were made for my son, my drop off and my return and all was set to go.

So, I got up early and headed to the bus station. It was the first time I really saw homeless people all over Salt Lake City so that was a bit of a shocker… They were either homeless or they had been waiting on a bus for a quite a while – destination unknown. The characters around did seem questionable or if I shift myĀ perspective, I can call it entertaining. This world is made up of so many kinds – as I write this I remember that. I remind myself that everyone is here on their own journey to nourish their own soul. I digress.

The bus arrived and we left on time. I heard my destination on the intercom, waited in the line and got a decent seat near to the front. It was very comfortable and there were many seats empty. The bus was clean and the driver was courteous and friendly. We left off without a hitch and my journey began. We made a few stops in varyingĀ cities before we passed through Arizona. I enjoyed people watching at the stops and entertained myself with them as they got off and on the bus. I particularly enjoyed a young woman sitting across from me. Her silhouette against the bus window along with her reflection on the glass in front of her made a painting fit for any wall. Of course, I snapped that.

Beautiful Capture of a Moment in Time. Photo by Jeannie Shaw
Beautiful Capture of a Moment in Time. Photo by Jeannie Shaw

I didn’t really talk to anyone – it was my time to be alone and disconnect. I was open to the experience. Once we started to greetĀ the canyons, I became a bit nervous. Our bus driver was on her phone a lot. It made me very uncomfortable – the route from Utah to Nevada has more curves than Usain Bolt’s girlfriend, #KasiBennett @kasi.b and believe me, she’s got curves.

As we glided through the narrow corridors of the auburn walls of Arizona, I was a bit concerned for the driver being on her phone so much but at the same time, I was impressed that she could maneuver those twists and turns like a boss in a big bus. When I drive through those canyons I don’t even want to talk. I just want to focus on the road and force myself not to flirt with all the beauty around me. She cruised through every twist, turn and descend like she was driving on a straight and lonely street in a forgotten city somewhere. I took some video clips and smiled with the gigantic canyons around me – yes… I smiled and flirted and enjoyed being in the midst of their glory.

Before I knew it, I was in Las Vegas and immediately noted how much nicer the bus station in Salt Lake City was. Of course, the traffic inside the bus terminal was way more hectic and definitely more entertaining characters. After all, we are in Vegas at this point. šŸ™‚

Overall, it was a decent ride and I got there safely. A snow storm did not fall in the middle of September and no one kidnapped me or stole anything. šŸ™‚ Don’t believe everything your paranoid mind tells you. Taking the Greyhound bus from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas was pretty nice. You can expect to enjoy the canyons and hopefully your vibe is attracting an amazing tribe and all is well.

I would certainly try #GreyhoundBus again.

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