Nourish Me Sweetly

Two Powerful Statements That Will Magnify Your Prayers

But, when you truly understand the power of your words and your innate power within, you will be a million times more mindful of what you give life to. 


Our Innate Power Within

Oftentimes when people pray, they are thinking only of what they are asking for and how it will benefit them. They also tend to think that they have to sacrifice something to get what they desire. So, one might plead and beg for one thing or another and some people might even say things like “I’ll give anything for this to happen.” 

But, when you truly understand the power of your words and your innate power within, you will be a million times more mindful of what you give life to. 

Saying things like “I’ll give anything for this to happen.” comes from a lack and scarcity mentality. It means that a person is thinking that there’s no other way for their wish or desire to manifest which aligns them to thinking from a limited perspective.

That mindset creates barriers and doesn’t concede to abundance. 

woman praying with powerful words
Pray from your heart and trust The Divine

Create More Space for Magical Things To Happen

When you start to operate from an abundance mindset, you create more space for magical things to happen. It means you are not constricted in your thoughts or energy. 

Equate it to giving a math problem to Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. We wouldn’t give the problem to them and then tell them how to work it out. 

It would just be a sure thing in our minds, knowing that these are people who are likely most capable of handling any kind of math problem. 

abundance mindset
Create an abundance mindset

Divine Intelligence

One would submit his or her “problem” and go free knowing that they will absolutely find the solution to it.

Why wouldn’t we take this same approach to our life situations then? The only difference would be that we give our “problems” to The Divine. 

Wouldn’t it be the same concept of handing over our woes and plights and moving along with our lives? 

Consider what that would look like. We’d hand it over and trust The Divine Intelligence, The Creator, God, Source to use His all seeing and all knowing essence to deliver an answer to us.

Divine Intelligence has a total overview and knows all the routes one can take to a specific destination. It also knows the best possible route that serves all, not just one person or the other. 

So, not only does this approach put us in a vibration of abundance, it also aligns us with the best possible answer for everyone, not just ourselves.

trusting the divine praying woman
Lay your problems in the hands of The Divine

Two Powerful Statements

So, when you pray, consider this idea: We are seeking a solution and here we lay the situation before the gifted and all knowing eyes of The Divine. 

And, to solidify that trust, add these two powerful statements at the end of your prayer.

1. For the good of all and with harm to none.

This statement gives complete control to The Divine. It takes you out of a limited capsule and places you in a space where an infinite number of other possible potentials are available to you. 

It also aligns you with God mind which considers all people, factors, issues, wants, hopes, dreams and desires. There is no “me” mentality here. 

This statement, when added to a prayer, aligns the collective with the highest good for all parties involved, whether you know of them or not.

Since we have free will, it’s also an invitation to Source to intervene, removing your small self or ego mind and giving way for grand unfoldings.

2. Under grace, in a perfect way.

Adding this statement pulls you out of the idea that you have to give up something to get something else… that you have to sacrifice one thing or the other in order to make progress with your desire.

It sends out the vibration of trust that there is a perfect alignment that takes care of your needs as well as anyone else involved where no one has to lose, per se. You can apply this even to court cases, job applications, financial woes – anything at all.

When we give way for God to step in, we give way to the magic of The Divine – the overseer of all. We make space for The One who is aware of every last atom, imagine that! Who would know better than The Creator?

woman feeling happy at beach
Once you've done all you can, surrender all to The Divine


Adding these two statements to your prayers also gives way the act of “surrendering”. 

Many equate the idea of surrender to weakness. It’s not. Once you’ve done all you can and given all you’ve got, the next thing you are to do is to rest in faith until the next nudge finds you.

By the “next nudge”, I mean the next inspiration to take action, the next inclination you get to make another step and so forth.

Last, not but least, keep in mind that it is a FEELING Universe so pray your prayers and FEEL (as real as you can conjure them up to be) what it would feel like when your prayers are answered.

Nourish Me Sweetly with answered prayers in a perfect way, under grace – for the good of all and with harm to none.


*Big love for the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn*