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What Is Your Truth? Ask, Release and Let The Answers Come

There’s only one way to heaven. So I’ve been told. It’s not my truth. Religion has shown me that people have varying beliefs that they hold firmly to. I used to wonder how would anyone know what the “REAL” truth is if two or more religions share different teachings absolutely? How do you know which one to follow? Well, you follow the truth.

But what is the truth?

My conclusion: the truth is whatever you believe it to be. Period.

My wish: that you always know what that is, for you.

A Teacher Teaches Best What He Must Learn

I met an amazing woman a few weeks ago. Her name is Caroline Larkin. As we were chatting from one thing to the next, these words flowed from her lips to my ears, “A teacher teaches best what he must learn.” Perfect! That is so me and felt like I was granted permission to teach, as imperfect as I am.

I often feel like there’s so much I want to share.
But I’m not an expert on anything so who will want to hear?

I’m a poet though as you can see. That, I can do. I can drop a rhyme out of the blue.

See I did it again 🙂
I digress.

I keep wanting to share things I’m not a master at yet they keep tugging at me as if to say “Please, like the truth, set me free”. So, in all my imperfections and often not following my own advice, I long to encourage you to find your truth.


Forget The Peanut Gallery

The thing about us humans is that we always have 20/20 on everyone else’s lives. We are so in tuned with what they should do, what they are doing wrong and all the ways we would do things if it were us. We are just so insightful when it comes to others and often have minimal vision on ourselves. Listening to friends and family as we share our everyday experiences, so many of us are just not being honest with ourselves. We are either delivering our profound findings on their lives or we are bogged down with the opinions and thoughts of theirs about us. Abraham Hicks refers to this as listening to the “peanut gallery”.

It’s like trying to meditate while sport enthusiasts are watching the world cup. Although, if that’s a feat you can accomplish, I might consider just following you into all your truths. Well, not really but I’d be highly impressed.

Forget The Peanut Gallery. Hear your own voice. Find your truth.

Most times, we know exactly what to do – when to go to the store, when to visit a friend, or if we should turn back because we forgot something. The ordinary, everyday things feel seamless. Not much thought has to be given but every now and then we find ourselves feeling conflicted and unsure of the next step. These moments can be lead by something as simple as whether to attend an event or as complex as contemplating divorce.

Live and Let Live

One of easiest ways to find answers when we feel foggy and out of sync with clarity is to ask ourselves, “What is MY Truth?” and answer honestly, even if only just to self.

The moment I ask, an answer is given but there are times that I have to wait for the clarity of it to find me. Releasing the need for a response in the moment helps although more likely than not, I’d like an immediate response.

Deep down I know that eventually the answers I seek will come and they will come with a knowing I can’t deny. Understanding that the answer is true and may be true for me alone is something that’s starting to sink in. After all, I’m not here to live anyone else’s truth but my own.

“Live and Let Live”. It’s a good practice overall, especially for people or life choices I don’t understand. It’s been a work in progress but I’m learning. When we get too caught up in other people’s truths, it can create noise that doesn’t serve us. It uses up so much energy – energy I’d much rather put into my vortex of dreams and desires or a couple bars (yes a couple) of Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate with a VERY COLD coke. Awful, I know but we are discussing truths and that’s one of mine.

There’s Only One Way to Heaven

I remember being told that Yoga was evil and that doing sun salutations was basically praying to a false god. It was so serious that the concern for the sanctity of my soul seemed dyer.

There is only one way to heaven. Chanting Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō will certainly summon your entire being to the fiery depths of hell. Not to worry though, you’ll have company because that’s where all atheists go so you won’t be alone. I guess that’s where my dad went. NOT. Side note: some of the sweetest people I know are atheists, my dad not included lol. He wasn’t always nice but I appreciate that he was my “not always nice dad”. #AllIsWell

Sex before marriage is wrong, so you need to get married. Once you do marry, you can’t divorce. EVER. Just stay there in your misery because that’s the price you must pay to preserve the sanctity of your soul IF you haven’t already lost it practicing yoga.

All these belief systems that were not of my own resonance began to push their way to surface and in March of 2009, I started to release them one by one. I wanted to find my own truth.

It had to make sense TO ME, FOR ME and WITH ME.

Yoga, Meditation and The Truth

My truth continues to evolve as time goes on. Yoga and meditation provide a connection to my higher self. It helps to clear my chakras, align my body and allows for “shakti” to enter and flow through me. Then again, so does hiking and long walks, adoring a puppy or someone I love. There are many ways to connect with your higher self – it’s always about finding the ways that vibrate with you. By higher self, I mean God, Spirit, Inner Being, Source – whatever name feels good to you. Of course, that’s just my truth.

Choosing to marry someone doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life. Life happens and people change and if your truth tells you it’s time to move on then it is. BUT, the truth is also that all relationships bring their own set of challenges so if you’re expecting perfection, you’ll forever be moving on. There I go, minding your business. That’s just my recent truth about marriage and relationships.

What is MY Truth?

Asking this question has been one of the most freeing things I’ve put into practice in recent weeks. What is My Truth?

It feels so good to just admit certain things to myself – what rings true for me even if it’s not in alignment with what others think or believe. The truth is I would prefer to spend my time with my “KAYA” (not cannabis, a person) than to go out with the girls sometimes. Most times. OK, maybe all times. Maybe there should be more balance. Maybe… but I’m not there right now. Truth be told, I enjoy soaking up my “KAYA” and that’s my truth.

The truth is I agree with so many of my son’s views – like why does he need to learn certain things in school? Things I’ve NEVER used in my daily life. The truth is I hear him and agree with him on so many things. He questions things that I wish he would just go along with so that I don’t have to question those things myself.

The truth is there’s no one way to do things – well, maybe. There’s only one way to put a new set of acrylic on my fingers and I’m hoping I can show the new place I go to how to do it. I digress.

The truth is I have no idea how to make these posts go viral because SEO (search engine optimization) eludes me and I often wonder who am I really writing to? Dammit, it could damn well be just to myself. “A teacher teaches best what he must learn.”

Say It Like It Is

It just feels better when you can just say it like it is – what you like, what you don’t like, what serves you best and what feels like a complete waste of your energy and time. And, if in the moment you still feel like as much as you can see the truth, you are not ready to make a different choice, the truth is that’s ok too. Sometimes the truth hurts a little, even if we are just admitting it to ourselves.

We’re all just going through our journeys learning and growing. While you’re here, try to make peace with your own truth, not what you’ve been fed or are afraid to face because of the chatter that may surround you. Just find a way to be honest with yourself even if you never utter the “truth” to anyone else. At the very least, to thine own self be true.

By now, you may have guessed that this is me, talking to myself encouraging the openness to truth.

This Is An Amazing Time To Be Alive

You are here to live your life, to connect to YOUR higher self and to create continued expansion for the universe and in doing all that, you will inevitably find your truth.

Can you imagine that there was a time when people got around without Google maps? That there was a time when handwritten letters were the “text message” of the day? How did long distance relationships survive?

My mom had a book about 4 inches thick for medical references for ailments in our family. Nowadays, I and my friends and family continue to diagnose ourselves on several websites and apps per week. Most people are walking around with the most intricate encyclopedia ever distributed, the smart phone.

We used to have to take pictures and wait two weeks to know if our belly fat was showing! So much of life is instantaneous. NOW, we can take 25 selfies before choosing the right one to post all within a matter of 5 minutes. Not that I have ever done that. Five minutes is simply not enough time.

This such an amazing time to be alive. It really is.

There’s so much available to us – so many choices we can make and so many freedoms that were once not within our reach. Why would you, in this day and age, choose anything but the truth? Your truth?

Whatever it is that’s on your mind – heavy or light… whatever answer you seek… ask yourself: What Is My Truth?

What do you want? What do you feel? What serves you best? What works for you?
Say it…
Feel it…
Soak it in…

Whatever it is, at least YOU KNOW what your truth is. May your truth lead the way for you and clear all paths for a sweet journey through life May it all fall into place for you and me. I always want things to fall into place for me too. That’s another one of my truths. I wish it for you AND FOR ME. I can’t share all my truths though – some of them are private, some of them can be troublemakers…

But you should at least know that much since I’m pretty much being an open book in some of my writing or maybe all.

Oh! and you should probably know that I do yoga – often.


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