Nourish Me Sweetly

My Blueprint

I want to promote, engage in and surrender to Nourishing Mind, Body & Soul.

I am a MOM, an Artist and the kitchen and I are not friends. I Love Photography, Art & Reggae (preferably LOUD with 1 glass of  Merlot) and will feel especially appreciative if it’s @Chronixx – Selassie Souljahz. I ran a small family based hotel for 12 years trying to fulfill the dreams of another blueprint that was not my own. It took great courage to move on from that era of my life, albeit not quite planned the way it unfolded.

my blueprint

I was living a dream that was all but mine. It did not belong to me and I did not belong to it. I have been on a fast growth scale that has brought many changes to my life in the last several years.

I am now exploring where to channel my creativity and how to create my own blueprint… the last several years have taught me so much and I have been quelling the urge to share and write but it keeps finding it’s way to every corner and crevice of my mind and every reach of my fingertips in so many varying ways.

Some years ago, I was sifting through one of my mom’s agendas and found scribbled in a corner a quote from a local Belizean sculptor/poet, Mr George Gabb – “Seek to find that place where nothing is of value, yet everything is priceless.” It really touched me.

I yearn to belong to nothing.

Except maybe Reggae.
I can belong to Reggae 🙂
Side Note: Monday December 18th. This was before I discovered AfroBeats.

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